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NSA Colorado - End of Year Celebration

Friday, May 5, 2017

Early Bird Deadline: April 21st at 10pm

IGNITE Challenge

What can YOU do with a random topic, 9 slides, and 3 minutes?

7 volunteers will get up on stage and do their best to IGNITE the room.

No hints, no prep.


Prizes for the most entertaining speeches, whether they “Went Down in Flames” or are "On Fire!"


If you would like your shot at making NSA history as one of the 7 speakers email and let us know.


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2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at Baldoria on the Water Events Center

146 Van Gordon, Lakewood

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Pro Members, Pro Candidates and their plus-one guests only




It’s time to acknowledge the graduates of the Colorado Speakers Academy program and announce the awards winners. Come party, network, eat, laugh, and give each other well deserved accolades!

$30/person (Pro Members, Pro Candidates and plus-one guests only)



Next Season’s Calendar will be Announced this Summer

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