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Friday, October. 13

 Get Them Hooked to Get You Booked:


The Neuroscience Approach to Exciting the Brains in Your Audience


 With Scott Halford



Why is it that some speakers and trainers hit a home run nearly every time they speak? The answer isn't as apparent as you might think. If you want to find out the answer to that rather complex question, come listen as Scott Halford CSP, CPAE dopes up your dopamine (that’s your learning, reward and pleasure brain hormone), and helps you understand how the human brain responds to certain teaching stimuli, models, messages and message framing. 

Scott’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Activate Your Brain, is the result of several years’ study in behavioral neuroscience. He shares his insights with a twist for speakers. He works globally with the largest corporations in the world teaching executives about the bottom line benefits they achieve when they understand the intricacies of human interaction. Scott's natural, humorous and insightful style will get your brain popping as it wakes up to all of the possibilities you have to create a brain enthralling program. According to Scott, if you have their brains, you have them hooked. If you have them hooked - you will get booked.


Scott is an Emmy Award® winning television documentary writer. He has been an active member of NSA and NSA/Colorado for 20 years, serving on both NSA CO and NSA Board of Directors, and served twice as Chair of the national convention.





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