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NSA Colorado - Event Calendar

Watch for a notice of our Joint Networking event, tentatively scheduled for August 22. Members, watch for an invitation to the Summer Party that will be held in late July or early August.


Next season's event calendar will be available soon. In the meantime, here is what people said about last year's program.


September 2016 - Mike Rayburn and a Panel from Speakers Bureaus

- Great content, well delivered. helpful tips.

- What a wonderful, welcoming group of people! 

- Thank you. It was excellent from start to finish!!!


October 2016 - Sally Hogshead, CPAE, and Andrea Vahl

- Sally is definitely a top flight keynote and held us all spellbound up to the final minute.

- Amazing content and great delivery.

- Excellent, great application of topic for us

- I appreciate Andrea's hands-on approach and practical information that I can implement today. 


November 2016 - Kelly McDonald and Josh Packard

-  Insightful info and well presented.

- A HUGE "aha" moment for me

- Love that you aim to make every meeting fabulous for everyone. This was my first meeting as a member, and I felt the love.

- What are the one or two things I will be implementing in my business? It's more like 10-20 things!


 January 2017 - Dave Lieber, CSP, and Bob Wendover, CSP

Story telling and humor made both very easy to listen to and learn from.

- Prepared, on point, huge value in content, fun and engaged

They were interesting and entertaining while providing good quality usable content. Time flew by!



February 2017 - Beth Ziesenis and Heather Lutze, CSP

- Great presentations that gave me some interesting things I can incorporate in my business.

The information imparted was extraordinary. They knew how to engage the audience in a challenging topic for speakers.

Practical, useful information delivered in fun, entertaining ways.

- I appreciated the warmth shown to me by NSA board members, volunteers and members. I was impressed by the sense of community.


March 2017 - Sylvie di Giusto and John Molidor, CSP

- Presentations were clear, they engaged the audience, allowed time was used wisely.

- REALLY good information

- Amazing content. Loved it!

- Excellent content I will use.   

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