Speaking with the Masters
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Welcome to Speaking with the Masters, an exclusive production of NSA-CO. We are delighted to offer these informal interviews with the chapter's CSPs and CPAEs. Each is 30-40 minutes long and contains insights on the speaker's background, business model, approach to the platform and other interesting information.
After you've listened to each interview, ask yourself these three questions:
1. How does my approach to the profession differ from this person's? (How is it similar?) 
2. What's my one big take-away?
3. What have I learned that I can leverage in my business and speaking?
Contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have about the series.
Bob Wendover, CSP




NOTE: The way the recording plays is dependent on the browser you're using or the settings on your machine. If you get the version that doesn't offer the controls you want, please download the podcast (try right-clicking and "Save Target As") and play it on your own system.

Speaking with the Masters

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Bob Wendover interviews the Certified Speaking Professionals and members of the Speakers Hall of Fame. These podcasts are available free, exclusively for NSA-Colorado's Professional Candidates and Professional Members.

If you are unable to rewind or use the recording in the way you wish, right-click and download a copy, then open it and listen using your preferred software.

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